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A downloadable, full color, detailed PDF copy of the "new" map of America for you to share and discuss with others equally concerned about our country.


And a detailed video briefing from renowned market expert, Louis Basenese, spelling out the specific moves and investments that make up the quietly lucrative "Mayflower Maneuver" and how you can quickly use them for yourself.

This information is so vital to the health and wellbeing of your family and your assets, that I won’t ask you to risk a single cent of your hard-earned money to receive it.

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If you’re on a fixed income, working hard, trying to stay ahead of the game...

Or even if you’re just starting out in life and you’re worried that the “American Dream” you’ve been told about your entire life may not exist for you or future generations...

Then it’s clear that the “Mayflower Maneuver” should instantly become the foundation upon which you build and secure your financial future today.

We looked over some historical data and... well it’s nothing short of astounding.

In the last year alone, if you made a simple $100 investment in just ONE of the Maneuver’s key pieces... and then reinvested your gains back into the Maneuver continuously, you could have seen an over $1 million windfall.

Yes, timing and luck play a role and seeing a measly $100 transform into over $1 million, in just the first 7 months of 2013 is obviously the best case scenario...

But even if you saw only a fraction of that success, turning an initial $100 investment into tens of thousands of dollars shows just how powerful the Mayflower Maneuver truly is.

Not only that, but since 2008, we’ve managed to identify at least 8 specific opportunities, where those “in the know” could have used the Maneuver to accumulate absolute fortunes, simply based off of the rising fear of a government meltdown...

And as you can see, our researchers have determined those opportunities are occurring more frequently than ever now that the rumors of a collapse are spreading quickly.

But it’s this next figure that absolutely shocked our investigators...

Over roughly this same time period, if you’d followed the Maneuver’s signals over and over, but made an initial investment of $10,000, your money would have grown to $8,734,528.20.

You read that correctly... that’s over $8 million in pure PROFIT.

Are you starting to realize why the folks with their fingers on the pulse of this situation are using the Maneuver religiously?

Well now you can too...

As part of our intensive 4-month investigation, world famous investment strategist Louis Basenese has decoded the Mayflower Maneuver completely and is ready to share its details with you.

  • The names and ticker symbols of each investment (the same ones that produced over $8 million in profits over the last 6 years).
  • The specific entry and exit points of each trade.
  • And the precise instructions you need to maximize your earnings just as these insiders have been doing for years.

Louis’s video briefing containing all of this highly sought after intelligence was just shot last week and is ready to send to you immediately... and it won’t require you to risk any money whatsoever to receive it.

And one more piece of highly important info...

Our researchers have alerted us to the fact that the Mayflower Maneuver is VERY close to flashing BUY again right now.

For the people who followed this strategy to the letter of the law, well... they could've already made $8,000,000. And it seems the next million-dollar payday is likely only days away

But that’s not all...

It’s up to you to get word out about this new map of America...

It’s crucial that you obtain a copy of the redrawn map of the United States and spread the word quickly about its existence.

Circulate it amongst your friends and family. Let them know that this threat is real.

That soon, the very state that they call their home... where they’ve raised their family, paid taxes and planned their future in, may soon no longer exist.

Whether or not your state is targeted for termination, it’s essential that you begin taking steps, such as the ones contained inside the Mayflower Maneuver, to best position yourself for the future.

And that means staying informed continually about this developing situation.

The Maneuver isn’t just one fixed opportunity. The potential for major profits has occurred multiple times over the past few years.

Just like the over $8 million that’s been up for grabs since 2008 because of it... or the over $1 million you could have banked in just 2013 alone!

This is the kind of money that can not only protect what you already have, but place you in a position to be among the “new wealth” in a post-collapse America.

In fact we’re seeing the Mayflower Maneuver flashing “BUY” more frequently than ever lately. That’s why...

Every time the Mayflower Maneuver pops, we’ll contact you immediately...

Our researchers are monitoring the specific factors that fuel the Maneuver on a daily basis.

And every time they see a fresh opportunity for huge gains (just like ones with the potential to produce literally MILLIONS in profits like I showed you earlier), they’ll send you a message with recommendations on what to do, right away.

Not only that, but as you read this, they’re also keeping close watch on many other lucrative situations popping up throughout the market right now.

New opportunities for you to take advantage of repeatedly, just like you can do with the Mayflower Maneuver. Ones that could affect your family, your money and your future... for years to come.

We assembled these researchers, inside what we call our Wall Street Daily Insider team, exclusively to stay on top of what’s happening in Washington, on Wall Street and beyond.

Their job is solely to keep track of the Mayflower Maneuver and opportunities just like it, each and every day.

And so I’d like to throw in 12 full months of communication from the Wall Street Daily Insider team, along with your copy of the redrawn map AND your Mayflower Maneuver video briefing from Louis Basenese.

All of this is ready to be sent straight to you immediately and 100% risk free at that...

Every time the Mayflower Maneuver presents a new opportunity for huge gains...

Every time a new profit opportunity you need to know about is quietly making its way through across the markets...

Every time your money is at stake and your financial future hangs in the balance...

Our Wall Street Daily Insider team will contact you directly via e-mail.

And here’s the best part. Because we know that in these uneasy times, holding onto your money is more important than ever, we’ve determined that the price for all of this... the map, the Mayflower Maneuver video briefing, a full year of updates and contact from the Wall Street Daily Insider team... will be just $49.50.

That's half off of the retail price of $99 we usually charge just for the WSD Insider content alone!

Far less than any mainstream financial publication that’ll offer you next to nothing in terms of actionable information and analysis you can actually use to both protect AND grow your money.

And because I want to give you a fair chance to view Louis’ video briefing and the redrawn map of the United States, I’ll give you a full 45 days to review everything, risk free.

If you determine the pipeline of crucial information we’re supplying you straight from the highest levels of Wall Street isn’t for you, you can request a full refund within that timeframe, no questions asked.

So you’re not risking a dime by requesting your Maneuver briefing and map.

But time is of the essence. The longer you wait to request this information, the less time you may have to implement it for yourself.

Please act now and request your free Mayflower Maneuver video briefing, your copy of this important redrawn map of America PLUS your risk free membership to Wall Street Daily Insider will be sent to you immediately.

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